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The stream of Charismatic Christianity I come from was so heavy on generational curses and "open doors to the enemy" that it was one of the reasons I distanced myself years ago. As it turned out, the distancing happened in stages. As with all errors modern Western Charismatic, the error here is that with the right confession, proclamation, or declaration, we can gain control. So instead of the repentance of generational sins being an act of contrition that releases grace, it becomes a spell to gain power.

I was in at least a handful of conference services that repented of slavery or treatment of indigenous people as a means of ending racism. Like those proclamations (by white pastors) would heal the lived experience of BIPOC. There was never a notion of working out that repentance with fear and trembling. The first time I was slightly skeptical. Every time after that I thought it was obtuse at best.

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